Web Accessibility Software – WCAG 2.1, Section 508

Project Management

Project Management Tools

Manage all your projects related to your website in one place (well, you can manage other projects, too. We won’t mind). Run efficient projects by keeping all information – and communication – related to web compliance in one place: AllyRight.
Create as many SCRUM boards as you need. Add members to the boards, upload files, set the priority level and deadlines, follow comments, and more. With SCRUM boards you can run efficient and effective projects, and reduce the need for multiple meetings. All your stakeholders can quickly verify who is working on a project, which tasks each person is responsible for, and keep track of the project’s progress.
Yes, this is another way we make your team more efficient and save you money.
Want to communicate directly with a team member? Our in-app chat feature provides a convenient and efficient solution. With just a few clicks, you can start a conversation with any team member and collaborate in real-time. Say goodbye to long email threads and miscommunications – our in-app chat has got you covered.

Flexible User Management

Managing team members and their access to information is crucial for efficient project management. With AllyRight, you can easily manage permissions and access levels for your team members. AllyRight comes with five default roles, ranging from “Super Admin” with full access to all features, to “View Only” with limited access. Additionally, enterprise accounts have the flexibility to create custom roles and permissions tailored to their specific needs.

Chat with Your Team

Effective communication is essential to any successful project, and with AllyRight’s secure chat feature, your team can easily stay connected and on top of all their project-related conversations. Our chat simplifies your team’s communication and streamlines it into one convenient location, making it easier to keep track of important discussions related to website security and compliance.

Unlimited SCRUM Boards

Running agile projects is essential for efficient project management, and with AllyRight’s unlimited SCRUM boards, your team can easily manage tasks, set priorities and deadlines, create checklists, and track progress all in one place.

Assign Users

Assigning responsibilities to team members is an essential aspect of project management that can increase accountability, productivity, and collaboration. With AllyRight, you can invite your developers to the platform and have them work together to fix issues.

Issue Tracker

AllyRight’s Issue Tracker is the ultimate solution for anyone looking to streamline their workflow and stay error-free. With built-in audit templates for WCAG or Section 508 standards, the tool auto-fills explanations for violations, saving you valuable time.

Streamline your website remediation projects with our project management tools