Self-Repairing Website
Software For K-12 Schools

AllyRight's comprehensive software addresses and fixes all website issues for K-12 schools, enhancing accessibility and functionality for students and the community.

Effective Solutions for K-12 Schools

Managing a website to ensure its accessibility and security is time consuming, costly, and requires specialized expertise. AllyRight’s software is designed to tackle these exact issues. Our AI software meticulously scans your K-12 school’s website for issues and can automatically fix them, so you can focus on what truly matters: your students.

How AllyRight AI Works

1. Audit

Our accessibility software will crawl every page of your website and look for bugs, accessibility errors and elements that need changing.

2. Generate A Report

A report of accessibility issues will be created showing you exactly why your website isn't accessible. The report will clearly display where these issues occur.

3. List of Tasks

Our AI will create a list of clearly defined tasks to allow you or a website developer to take effective actions and make your website accessible.

4. Automated Fixes

For AllyRight Software users our AI can automatically fix accessibility issues you choose (if website is connected via plugin or API). This feature allows anyone to make their website accessible without technical knowledge.

What Problems AllyRight AI Detects & Fixes

Web Accessibility Checker

Our software will improve your K-12 website’s accessibility and comply with legal requirements to ensure all students can access the website.

Cyber Security Tester

We’ll proactively identify and fix security risks and vulnerabilities in your website to protect your students and staff.

Manual Issue Tracker

Your K-12 school can efficiently track and manage all manual website audits with ease.

Data Privacy Auditor

We’ll implement a comprehensive data privacy protection and compliance plan to keep student’s data safe.

Website Performance Scanner

Easily view and fix all issues related to your K-12 website to improve user experience.

Ethics-First Approach

We’re here to support and protect all of your students.

Show Your K-12 Students You Care With an Accessible Website

Imagine a student with disabilities, frustrated because they can’t navigate their school’s website or access online courses like their peers.  Accessible websites are essential, not just for compliance, but to ensure every student has an equal opportunity to succeed.

teacher helping students with online schoolwork.

Between 2022 and 2023, there was an

84% increase in ransomware attacks against K-12 schools

Ensure your students are protected.

Eliminate Manual Tasks with Automated Fixes

AllyRight’s software takes the hassle out of maintaining K-12 school websites by automatically spotting and fixing accessibility issues. This easy-to-install feature ensures that your K-12 school can focus on delivering quality education rather than dealing with tedious manual updates. There are some issues that require manual fixing, but you can easily find them in your dashboard.

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Protect students and empower the community with AllyRight’s comprehensive and cost-effective solutions.

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