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More than an awesome software company, we are a force for good. We’re here to improve lives.
In a way, our story is the typical startup story. A non-conformist dreamer refused to accept the status quo and set out to improve the way things are done. After years of hard work every day (and night!), sweat, tears, and many, many, MANY cups of coffee, green tea, and energy drinks, overcoming countless challenges, the dream became a reality – the startup launches and helps to improve the world.

The status quo we faced

The list could go on forever and ever, so let’s just say that the situation was horrible. 

We had to do something about it. And we are glad we did.

AllyRight has become a very powerful website security and compliance tool with more types of audits than any other tool. 

Or maybe not the typical startup story

There is one difference in our story, compared to the stories of most startups. While most companies and entrepreneurs wait to be mega successful to give back to the community, we have made it a priority from “day 0”. Creating powerful software that helps organizations to stay in compliance with accessibility and privacy laws, as well as keep their website secure and performing flawlessly, is not enough for us. We rolled up our sleeves and got to work on improving the community.

Many have criticized us, saying that we should just focus on the business and not entertain any “distractions”. Well, tell the people we help that their lives are just distractions.

These critics argued that launching a business and making it successful is already hard enough; that we should just focus on releasing a minimum-variable product (a fancy term to describe a product that barely works) and make money, then more money, and one day, maybe, give back to the community – if there are tax credits involved.  

In short, they said we should just create a mediocre, make money, and live happily ever 

But … we love challenges, hate mediocre products and (Sigh) how could we be truly happy with some many inequalities and inequities in the world. We created AllyRight to be a force of good.

Over 300M pages scanned and 16B issues found.
The auditor you can trust.

The status quo we faced
Discrimination of People with Disabilities About 20% of the US population (and likely the world) has at least one disability. Yet, it is estimated that [XX%] of websites are not accessible to people with disabilities. If you, like most people, spend most of your waking hours on the internet, imagine if you were unable to access most websites on the internet, simply because they were created in ways that prevent you from exploring their content.
Yes, imagine not being able to use most of the mobile and computer applications that you use, and not being able to visit most of the websites that you visit. Again, we had to do something about it. In addition to creating awesome software that helps organizations to make their websites accessible to people with disabilities, we also work with nonprofit organizations that do beautiful work on empowering people to live with their abilities.
Gender Pay Gap
Men earn an average of 18% more money than women for doing the exact same jobs. Also, men hold more high management and executive positions than women. Only 40% of management positions are held by women. The percentage of women decreases significantly the higher the position is, reaching its lowest at the head of companies; less than 7% of Fortune 500 CEOs are female.
We could not just focus on making money, ignoring these realities.
In addition to ensuring we provide truly equal opportunities to all, we decided to use our skills to make a difference. We spent several months researching the gender gap in technology jobs. We analyzed the public and private sectors, as well as academia to determine the extent of the gender gap. The results shocked us deeply We will soon publish the report showing the staggering truth of gender inequality in technology.