What if your website could fix itself?

With AllyRight, it can. AllyRight is the world’s
first software for autonomous websites.

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How AllyRight works

AllyRight is your vigilant digital ally, detecting, diagnosing, and fixing compliance
issues on your website automatically. It works in three easy steps


AllyRight AI scans your website for thousands of issues related to website accessibility, privacy, security, performance, and SEO. It uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to detect these issues efficiently and precisely.
AllyRight AI offers in-depth analysis, investigating the causes, consequences, and possible fixes for each issue. It utilizes a priority system to categorize issues based on their severity and urgency, ensuring that critical matters take precedence.
AllyRight AI fixes some of the issues directly on your website. It does this by applying patches, updates, or optimizations to your website’s code or content. For the rest of the issues, it generates detailed reports on the AllyRight dashboard, giving you actionable insights and recommendations.
Project Management Tools
AllyRight offers a valuable suite of project management tools that enhance your project efficiency and foster seamless collaboration among your team and stakeholders. These tools empower you to streamline project workflows, assign tasks, and maintain transparent communication. With AllyRight’s integrated project management features, you can keep projects on track, meet deadlines, and ensure that everyone involved is on the same page for optimal results.

Learn more about our Project Management tools.
Constantly Evolving Software
Our AI learns your website’s nuances and your team’s approach to website management, compliance, and security, offering customized recommendations for automated fixes and issues best handled by humans. It’s an ever-evolving system, growing smarter and improving its ability to detect, diagnose, and continuously adding more automated fixes to help you keep your website compliant
AllyRight's Comprehensive Website Audit Tools
Enhance site accessibility, meet legal requirements, reach wider audiences.
Proactively identifying risks and vulnerabilities in your website
Efficiently track and manage all your manual audits with ease.
Ensure data privacy protection, compliance, and user trust.
Enhance website performance for a seamless user experience.
Grammar & Spell Check
(Coming Soon)
Refine Your Message with Grammar and Spelling Audits – available in 60+ Languages.
SEO Auditor (Coming Soon)
Uncover On-Page Issues Holding Back Your SEO Success

Why Choose AllyRight?

Unlimited Audits
You can scan your website as many times as you want, no matter how big or small it is.
Ethical AI
You can trust that AllyRight follows the best practices and principles of ethical AI research and development.
Intuitive Dashboard
You can access all the information and tools you need on the AllyRight dashboard, which is easy to use and understand.
Cross-Device Testing
Test How Your Website Works on Different Screen Resolutions.
Great Customer Service
You can get friendly and helpful support from AllyRight’s team whenever you need it.
More Accuracy, Less False-Positives
AllyRight’s advanced AI minimizes false alarms, saving your time and resources.
Detailed Reports for In-Depth Insights
Gain a comprehensive understanding of your website’s status.
Customizable User Management
Tailor user access to your organization’s specific needs.
Trained to Detect Thousands of Issues
Our AI is well-versed in identifying a wide range of problems.
Unlimited Historical Data
Store and access historical audit data seamlessly.
Service-Level Agreements (SLA) - Enterprise Only
For enterprise clients, enjoy premium SLAs and support.
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