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on your website. With just one tool.

Product Description

A suite of website compliance tools. Ally Right’s Auditor uses artificial intelligence to perform thousands of tests to ensure a website’s compliance with web accessibility (WCAG 2.1 and Section 508), cyber security, privacy, and performance standards.
After testing, the Auditor creates thorough reports, identifying the problems, their severity and location.
The Auditor also Includes a bug tracker app for manual audits, and SCRUM boards and in-app chat for more efficient project management.

Main Features

-Web Accessibility audits (WCAG and Section 508)
-Website Privacy audits (CCPA and GDPR)
-Website Security audit (1,000s of tests)
-Website Performance audits (100s of tests)
-Analytics dashboards
-Bug tracker for manual audits
-Unlimited SCRUM boards for efficient project management
-In-app chat for easy team collaboration
-Thorough reports with violations, source code location
- Non-stop monitoring

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Over 300M pages scanned and 16B issues found.
The auditor you can trust.

Bringing the features that matter

Show the world that you care about people with disabilities – and avoid ADA website accessibility lawsuits – by making your website accessible to people with disabilities.
Insightful & Actionable Reports

Get insightful reports that show the Legal & Compliance departments the risk level of the website – and guide the development team on remediating your website.

WCAG 2.1: A, AA, AAA Compliance Audits

Whether you are following WCAG’s level A, AA, or AAA, AllyRight will guide you

Section 508 Compliance Audits

Federal agencies have special web accessibility requirements. We got you!

More Accuracy, Less False-Positives

Our algorithm learns the subtleties of your website, ensuring higher accuracy.

Color Contrast Checker

Ensure high color contrast with our built-in color contrast checker

Manual Accessibility Audits

Perform manual audits using our Issue Tracker’s Accessibility template.

All the website performance reporting and testing tools your developers need to make your website blazing fast.
Validate HTML, CSS, JS

We inspect your frontend code for errors and best practices.

Get your web page speed

Visitors typically leave a site that takes more than 3 secs to load. How long does your site take?

Web page load screenshots

AllyRight takes screenshots of your website as it loads, so you can visually understand what is taking the longest to load.

Find performance bottlenecks

Get a comprehensive report of which elements are slowing down your website and what needs to be fixed.

Test images, videos, and audio files.

We perform several types of tests to give you the data you need to fix your site.

File Optimization Checks

Make sure that your images, videos, .pdf, spreadsheet, and other files are properly optimized.

Cyber attacks, website takeovers, and ransomware are on the rise. Get the complete set of tools to monitor your website and protect your data against ransomware.
cyber security
Thousands of cyber security checks

AllyRight performs thousands of checks to ensure that your website is secure.

More Accuracy, Less False-Positives

Our algorithm learns the subtleties of your website, ensuring higher accuracy.

Continuous Monitoring

AllyRight is continuously monitor your site for new vulnerabilities and exposures.

Personalized Security Checks

AllyRight checks for vulnerabilities, exposures, and exploits specific to your website

CMS-Specific Checks (BETA)

We’ll inform you when there is a new update for your CMS, template, and plugins.

​List of Priorities

Our AI creates a list of priorities, guiding you on what must be remediated next.

Automated Website Compliance Audits and Web Privacy tools
web privacy
Web Privacy Compliance Audits

Ensure your website is compliant with web privacy laws

Cookie-Consent Tool

​Enable your clients to select their cookie preference with AllyRight’s cookie consent tool.

CCPA & GDPR Compliance

We will help you to stay in compliance with the CCPA and GDPR.

Try the best website compliance platform.

Project Management Made Easy With AllyRight Platform

Flexible User Management

Easily manage your team members and who has access to what kind of information. AllyRight gives you five different roles by default, from “Super Admin,” to “View Only”. Enterprise accounts can also create custom roles and permissions.

Chat with Your Team

Simplify your team’s communication. Bring all conversations related to the security and compliance of your websites to one place – AllyRight. With our secure chat app, your team members can easily keep track of all their messages related to their projects.

Unlimited SCRUM Boards

Run agile projects. Assign tasks to team members, set priorities and deadlines, create checklists, follow the activity and much more.

Manual Audits Made Easy With AllyRight Issue Tracker

For an error-free workflow, you need to have the best issue tracking software. This software tracks and manages the issues for you.

Web Accessibility Testing Template

Use our built-in audit templates. Just select the standard you are using (WCAG or Section 508) and the criterion, and AllyRight will auto-fill the explanation about that violation.

Set Deadlines

Set deadlines for the remediation of each issue and compare it against the actual completion date. This will show you which issues are the fastest – and slowest – to fix.

Track Progress

Keep track of which issues have been resolved and which are still pending, as well as which developer has been most effective at remediating your website.

Add attachments and screenshots

Attach screenshot, or other files, to the Issue, to make it easier for others to reproduce and fix the bug.

Assign Users

Get your teams involved in your projects. Assign who is responsible for each issue.

Changing Lives
We are very passionate about helping the community and changing lives.
More than an awesome website compliance software company, we are a force for good, committed to helping people with disabilities, the youth, and to shattering the gender-pay gap.
From donating 5% of software revenue and 50% of the merch store’s profit, to mentoring foster youth and feeding the homeless in downtown Los Angeles, to researching the gender inequality in senior technology jobs, we are working very hard to improve the world.
Female Empowerment
Homeless in Los
Mentoring Foster Youth
Foster Youth
Blind Children's Center
Blind Children's
Gender Gap Research
Gender Gap
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