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Manual Audits Best Issue Tracker Software, Made Easy

For an error-free workflow, you need to have the best issue tracking software. This software tracks and manages the issues for you.
Issue Tracker

Manual Accessibility Audits

​Perform manual audits using our Issue Tracker’s Accessibility template.

Assign Users

Get your teams involved in your projects. Assign who is responsible for each issue.

Set Deadlines

Set deadlines for the remediation of each issue and compare it against the actual completion date. This will show you which issues are the fastest – and slowest – to fix.

Built-In Manual Web Accessibility Testing Template

Save time when conducting a manual website accessibility check.
Use our built-in audit templates. Just select the standard you are using (WCAG or Section 508) and the criterion, and AllyRight will auto-fill the explanation about that violation.

Add attachments and screenshots

Attach screenshot, or other files, to the Issue, to make it easier for others to reproduce and fix the bug.

Track Progress

Keep track of which issues have been resolved and which are still pending, as well as which developer has been most effective at remediating your website.