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Understanding the WCAG Conformance Levels A, AA, and AAA – Web Accessibility FAQ

As you are learning about website accessibility compliance, at one point you will inevitably ask

November 08 | 9 minutes
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We made our website ADA compliant 6 months ago. Why is is no longer compliant?

Web Accessibility FAQ and How to From time to time, frustrated business owners tell me that they

November 08 | 6 minutes

How to make your website accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing

For some reason, people are often surprised that a website must be accessible to the deaf and har

November 08 | 5 minutes

7 Common Web Accessibility Issues That Are Simple To Fix

You might have heard that more than 2,000 businesses in the US were sued in 2018 becaus

November 08 | 11 minutes

6 technologies that empower the blind and visually impaired to access the internet

Many people are curious as to how the blind and visually impaired use the internet. One of the mo

November 08 | 8 minutes

Web Accessibility Lawsuit Settlement Creates Access to Blind Voters in NY

Yesterday, February 25th, 2019, a settlement determined that the website for voting registration

November 08 | 2 minutes

Understanding ADA Website Lawsuits and How to Prevent This Nightmare

In 2018, at least 2,258 businesses in the US were sued because their website was not in comp

November 08 | 23 minutes