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Yesterday, February 25th, 2019, a settlement determined that the website for voting registration in New York will be fully accessible by the end of this year, according to a press release by the National Federation of the Blind (NFB). This will benefit the nearly 400,000 voters in New York State who have visual disabilities.

The settlement was reached between the NFB, the Center for the Independence of the Disabled, New York (CIDNY), two individual plaintiffs, Eva Eason and Meghan Parker, and the New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and the State Board of Elections (BOE). 

This brings to an end a lawsuit filed by the plaintiffs in 2016 over the inaccessibility of the voting registration website. 

One of the individual plaintiffs, Eva Eason, commented that providing access to all voters was “long overdue”:

“I am thrilled that we have settled the suit and increased understanding of the importance of accessible web formats. It is my fundamental right to access and navigate websites as freely as my sighted counterparts. No voter should be overlooked by the state. Every vote must count. This is long overdue.”

The press release also stated that this is the “most comprehensive ever to make voter registration and election information accessible to millions of blind voters”. 

This is very exciting news for all involved in the accessibility community. We, at Ally Right congratulate all the parties involved and look forward to seeing the fully accessible website soon. 

We expect this settlement to have a deep impact on voting registration websites across the country. This sets a very important precedent.

Cheers to the rights of the people living with disabilities.