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Our passion for accessibility is only equaled by our passion for a strong, collaboritve community. We are delighted to help other dedicated organizations and citizens who make our communitites stronger and safer. On this page you will find any and all discounts we have available.

Non-Profits Dedicated To Possibilities

Nonprofits- and the people behind them – dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities have a very special place in our hearts


To quality, you will need to have attained 5O1(C)3 status from the IRS and have in your mission
statement and annual report that your mission is to help people with disablilities

Service members, Parents, and Spouses

We are delighted to offer a discount to the service men and women, their parent and spouses. This
includes members of the armed forces, law enforcement, fire fighters and emergency medical technician
(EMT) personnel.


We count on you every day. if you run a business and need our services, you can count on us, too.


We salute you and thank you for dedicating your lives to keep ours safe.

Donate to a Non-Profit dedicated to Possibilities

Help us to improve the world!


Make a donation to a nationally-recognized nonprofit dedicated to helping people
with disabilities and we will match the donation for up to 10% of your invoice amount
or give your half of what you donated in discount (for up to 10%) of the invoice amount)


Please tell us that you want to join this program at the beginning of our relationship, so we can prepare accordingly

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How to Make Pop up Cards

Do you like to make your own cards? Today I’m sharing how to make pop-up cards with kids. These are easy, fun, and once kids get the hang of it it’s hard to stop making them.

Every now and then I’ll find myself in Target’s card aisle, lured in by my wide-eyed kids who https://www.favorpop.com ogle at the colorful greeting ideas. I love it too, but we’re rarely suckered in when it’s so easy, fun, and frankly more meaningful to make our own cards.

I know, making your own cards can takes heap-loaps of time, and the truth is that we don’t always have it. On the other hand, creative projects like this have some big benefits: they give my kids something constructive pop up card to work on and offer them lots of time to think about the recipient of their card (building lots of gratitude and love along the way).

My five-year old was getting ready for a couple of birthday parties, and she worked diligently on these pop-up cards. They can be as complicated or simple as you like. Since making these birthday pop up card, this has become her favorite card-making method, and most recently she made a princess card with a pop-up crown for a friend’s dress-up party.

  • Card Stock or other heavy-weight paper
  • Colorful construction paper
  • White Glue
  • Favorpop card

  • Scissors
  • Crayons
  • Envelope