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Thinking About Cyber Security Analytics? Reasons Why It's Time to Stop

Find your website’s cyber security analytics vulnerabilities before hackers do.
Cyber Security
Cyber attacks, website takeovers, and ransomware are on the rise. Get the complete set of tools to monitor your website and protect your data against ransomware.

Thousands of cyber security checks

AllyRight performs thousands of checks to ensure that your website is secure.

More Accuracy, Less False-Positives

Our algorithm learns the subtleties of your website, ensuring higher accuracy.

Continuous Monitoring

AllyRight is continuously monitor your site for new vulnerabilities and exposures.

Personalized Security Checks

AllyRight checks for vulnerabilities, exposures, and exploits specific to your website

CMS-Specific Checks (BETA)

We’ll inform you when there is a new update for your CMS, template, and plugins.

​List of Priorities

Our AI creates a list of priorities, guiding you on what must be remediated next.

Description of issues

Clear descriptions of the issues, so you know what needs to be fixed.